I Love coming to see Helen, she always has a smile and shows great interest in all that I do.  Helen has really helped me recover my mobility after 2 knee replacements in September 2012 and October 2013.  I have also lost 15kg in weight since coming to see Helen.

The sessions are fun and interesting and any time I ask Helen why we are doing a certain exercise she has a very helpful and informative answer. I know that my health is in very safe hands!”



Helen is a true professional.  She has fantastic knowledge of the health and fitness industry and applies it accurately and with care.  She continues to inspire me to be a better person, both in mind and body.  Thank you for all your help and support Helen.



As a result of a midlife crisis I entered the Barcelona Ironman and once I realised the enormity of what I had done I rapidly found Helen who has helped me achieve it. Over the next six months Helen taught me how to run properly (achieved) and  attempted to get me to eat and drink properly as well  (work in progress)! I was only every going to do one Ironman and my target was 13 hours in the end I did it in 12 hours and a minute. Without doubt Helen (and her confidence in me) was central to my success and I can’t recommend her enough.



Helen is a truly excellent, professional and skilled trainer;  the perfect combination of tough and firm, warm and encouraging. She has a huge wealth of knowledge in all areas of health and fitness, and her enthusiasm is infectious.

Her lovely warm, genuine, easy going friendly personality makes every session fun and enjoyable. (even though it hurts like hell!) She is always accommodating when busy lives interfere with gym sessions, and goes out of her way to help.

Because of Helen I am stronger, more flexible, have a healthier lifestyle, more confidence and a better balance physically and mentally.

Plus, there is that essential ingredient that is ‘MOCHA’  Who can resist that bit of chocolate heaven!

Helen is not just my trainer, she has over the years become a valued friend.



I knew it was important to do the right type and level of fitness in order to keep yourself in shape, however my turnaround moment when working with Helen was her invaluable guidance on my nutrition.

I had been doing regular exercise but didn't feel my best.  Helen identified the number of different factors which might be contributing and left no stone unturned in investigating my nutrition and potential hormone imbalance. Following a large coffee and good open and honest chat with Helen in a coffee bar I made the mental shift needed to turn around my nutrition, energy and life.

Understanding how fuel in the body works, keeping a food diary and sharing my results had the biggest impact on my health and nutritional habits.

So over the course of a few months, I have dropped two dress sizes, feel less lethargic, have bags of energy and generally feel a different person. I recently returned to my fitness plan and Helen reassessed and compared all my body stats. I now have a  a metabolic rate of someone 10 years my junior and have lost 25cm across my circumferential measurements.

Who says exercise has to be hard work :)




After being diagnosed with ME (Myalgic Encephalopathy)  /CFS  ( chronic fatigue syndrome ) in my mid twenties, I spent the next decade becoming fatter, slower and less motivated. In my mid thirties I found myself with two young children and no energy. My back was in pieces and something had to change. I found Helen online after looking through many websites for personal trainers. What attracted me was the mix of pilates and fitness. I didn't want a scary muscle man shouting at me to push harder, but I did need a voice giving me that extra boost and support I needed. Initially, we did fairly gentle pilates and stretching. Gradually, we did more strength and cardio. Helen often recognises if I'm pushing myself too hard and risking a crash better than I do and helps me pace myself so I am able to keep on track. If I look back to our first sessions, I can't believe how far I've  come. I have a 1:1 and also attend a group pilates class, something I wouldn't have dreamed of doing two years ago. I have also recently started doing exercise classes. As for the future, who knows. I spent my twenties and first half of my thirties being unfit and tired. I hope to spend the rest of my life fit, healthy and enjoying exercise.