Personal training..What is it!?

We’ll personally train you:

  • With whom you want – You’ll have an initial consultation and first session with a trainer that we think matches your goals and lifestyle. You can choose to stick with this trainer for all your sessions or vary your programs (and chats!) to suit your needs.
  • With YOUR goals in mind. We’ll use measurable outcomes to help you set and smash those goals…circumferential measurements, body fat, metabolism, health goals and fitness goals. We don’t agree with strict diets and life limiting training sessions, although if you ask us for hardcore, we Love hardcore! We want to match your sessions to what you want and need. That means we’ll ask you lots of questions. Our overriding aim is always quality of exercise, quality of outcome and making sure that we manage your progression to avoid injury and overkill.
  • To have fun and enjoy the gym.
  • To understand what you are doing and why (if you want to!)

Pilates …What is it!?

  • Pilates principles will become part of all your training sessions and you won’t even know it. We feel confident that you’re not going to develop injuries or muscle imbalances whilst training with us.
  • Helen works with people with injuries, those recovering from joint, musculoskeletal or neurological complaints but mostly those who love the strength through relaxation that comes with a Pilates practice and a Pilates mindset.
  • Ohhh, and that little added bonus of much better sleep and concentration.

Sports Massage …what is it!?

  • Training muscles that you haven’t trained before in a new way can lead to tightening of these muscles. Flexibility is an important and integral part of training that we all often over look. We create sessions to include balance and flexibility, however, when new to training or on a progressive training plan a little sports massage always helps us along the way.


  • We won’t take over your fridge or diary (unless you want us to!) We’ll have a look at what you’re eating now and the outcomes you’re looking for and advise you on alternatives that work for you.
  • We’ll help you create small consistent changes to give you more energy and help you work harder in the gym.
  • We’ll help you develop bigger long term changes if that’s what’s needed.

We offer Personal Training, Pilates, Sports Massage & Nutrition advice to clients across Poole and Bournemouth. Please contact us today.