About the team

We are a team of lifestyle coaches and fitness experts committed to helping you achieve your body and lifestyle goals. The team will empower you to create the lifestyle that works best for you whilst looking after your health. If you want to run your best marathon ever we can help you with that.  However if you just want to feel more confident and enjoy a productive hour in the gym where we’re in charge and you can switch off or offload, we can do that too!

We really are a team.. Both us as trainers, and also when we work with you. Helen hand picked us. She trained us to become lifestyle coaches not trainers. She mentored us in the Fit4life way and combined with her other role as Health and Fitness lecturer she is always able to deliver the most up to date and proven training methods.

Meet Helen

Helen is a seasoned marathon and ultra runner, sprint tri athlete, often time leisure cycler, fair weather paddle boarder and free time horse rider. She prefers her gym outside than in, and whilst she’s firmly hung up the running shoes for a little while, the tips and wisdom that she has gained from her years of running…even if just about the best socks to buy, or the best fuel to pack in your bum bag have proved invaluable for clients and new competitors.

Helen has worked in the Health and Fitness Industry for over 11 years and gained a wealth of experience in different environments with a broad range of people in that time. Her journey began with a passion for sport and exercise and this combined with her ability to understand what ‘makes people tick’ has proven to be a winning formula over the years. Helen’s knowledge and experience have led her to be the go to in Bournemouth and Poole for advice to trainers and clients alike.

Her hands on work as a personal trainer, coach, fitness & nutrition lecturer, pilates teacher and sports rehabilitation therapist mean that Helen can offer the full experience to help clients develop a lasting change in health and lifestyle. Helen believes in the human touch.  You’re unlikely to be asked to push out ‘just one more’ poor quality press-up whilst lying face down in the mud – unless of course that’s what you want!!

In Fit4Life Helen has created an environment that just makes people excited about being Fit and Healthy and WANT to train.  Clients are resetting and smashing goals all by themselves. Perfect.